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We now know the brains in our heads are not static. Our brains create new neural networks and pathways all the time, cutting out the ones that are no longer utilized, and strengthening the neural pathways that are most often used.

In changing the way we think, we can modify the neural pathways in our brains, creating new ways of seeing and communicating with our colleagues and clients, and become better influencers. Coaching can, in fact, change your brain for the better. Understanding the effect coaching can have on the brain, you may be able to make sense of the incredible statistics, claiming that businesses that promote and embrace the coaching “culture” see a 529% return on investment (ROI). Yes, you’ve read the right. Coaching can make a very big impact on your business. *While we cannot guarantee those results, we will make an immediate positive impact.

The Benefits are many, and almost immediate. We’ll help reduce interference, and improve performance. Increase accuracy and decision-making. Deliver and receive information more accurately. Increase confidence, and get new hires up-to-speed faster. The benefits are many. In fact, you may not even know where you’re lacking. After our talk and assessments, we’ll identify areas that need improvement. Contact us to schedule a discovery session.


Custom Growth Plans

You’ll experience immediate results. Increase performance, accuracy and speed in decision-making. The building blocks we develop with you will last a lifetime, for you and your business. 

Better Messengers

Our communication platform is designed to develop a higher level of capacity and productivity. We’ll help you and your team become better messengers, to increase productivity and sales.

Proven Intangibles

You’ll be able to enjoy work, and your time away from work. Gain confidence in your personal and professional interactions, being more authentic and natural, directly affecting your success.


We want to prove we can positively impact your life. If you’re a business executive and want to improve results, or an HR manager that wants to improve the lives of your employees that will positively impact business, Contact us today. We can discuss the specifics of what you want to achieve, in a relatively quick discovery session. For companies, and for a short time only, we’re also offering a Free, One-time training session. David W. Anderson Sr., the company owner/founder, offers a training session in either a company or departmental meeting, Lunch N’ Learn, or seminar.

We simply wish to demonstrate our skills, and show you the power of quality personal & professional coaching.

Why The Coaching Table?

When you work with The Coaching Table, you get personalized service from the owner of the company, not just a hired hand. I, David W. Anderson Sr., will work with you and your team, utilizing his years of experience in business and personal development, to listen, assess, define, and develop both a strategic and tactical plan to make you and your team more effective in business, and make them better communicators.

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Janine Crawford
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

We took David up on his offer to present at one of our recent quarterly sales meetings. He discussed several techniques, including communication methods, that helped us become better messengers. This has helped us increase our sales funnel, by enabling our team to be more effective “closers,” and has helped me become a better manager. Thanks much.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Mark Donovan
Sales Manager

Our sales team needed to get energized, as we had a limited amount of product enhancements from the downturn in the economy. There was not a lot of initial excitement going to market with our existing product line. David systematically reviewed our team, our strategy and tactical plan, and identified new opportunities for our product, as well as new, effective incentives to motivate team. The Coaching Team helped us retain and energize high-preforming team members, and helped increase sales and revenue in what we thought would be an average year.


The Coaching Table provides high-quality, professional coaching services in the greater metro-Atlanta area, throughout the entire United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and can work with almost any budget. There is rarely a project too large, or too small, and we always provide the same great, personalized customer service. Contact us to discuss what you wish to accomplish.

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