We Assess, Then Create Strategic & Tactical Solutions For Personal & Professional Success
What We Do

The Coaching Table is a communication platform designed to bring a higher level of capacity and productivity on an individual and team level. We specialize in Communication, Motivation, and Connection Intelligence, partnering with individuals, start-up, small and mid-sized businesses and various cross-functional teams in large corporations to optimize efficiency. You’ll experience immediate benefits when partnering with The Coaching Table.

We coach the process of discovering and defining strong goals, and then produce strategies and customized, step-by-step tactical solutions to achieve these established goals. Our coaching solutions use science-based assessments to identify an individual’s personality/behavior profile, create and manage goals, and enhance decision-making. Next we create a comprehensive strategy, and a customized, step-by-step, tactical Growth Plan, identifying individual goals and a timeline in which to reach these goals, and work with you along the way to keep it all on track.

What Coaching Is

Coaching is defined as a structured & focused interaction that enables the client to develop through the use of strategies and tools designed to meet their desired results.

At the Coaching Table, coaching is a conversation between someone who has a specific destination in mind, and a professionally trained, certified partner who has experience to help that person or persons arrive. We are trained to ask the right questions, use tools to assess and document, strategize, and create success plans, which are the keys to unlocking and opening the door to success.

Personal/Business Coaching
Individual Coaching

Personal Coaching

Are you looking to create a better you? Are you at a time in your life when you would like to be doing more… feeling like there are more hours in the day? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy life a little more. Either way, we can help.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

We coach business owners, executives, managers, teams, and new hires, helping them make smart decisions, and more productive. We’ll help you improve communication, making better “Messengers” to always deliver the right message at the right time.


Our Business

The Coaching Table helps individuals move forward in their lives, and in their careers. Our client base is very diverse, covering a number of markets and industries. While each client is unique, they share a common thread…Satisfaction.

Corporate Coaching

We coach business owners, helping them make smart, strong decisions that positively affect their business. We coach all levels of professionals on the corporate ladder, including Board of Directors, Executives, Senior and Mid-management teams, Seasoned Employees and enhance the process of onboarding new hires, and making them effective sooner rather than later. Our capabilities include:

  • Help your Board of Directors operate at a higher level, gaining consensus on more issues in less meeting time
  • Train executives to use less time and energy obtaining increased production from management staff
  • Mentor seasoned professionals desiring to become more confident communicators/presenters
  • Provide guidance to managers building trusted relationship bridges with their teams
  • Help communicators create authentic, natural messages that are concise, powerful and bring results

There is more to being a leader than simply having the title. Today, a good leader needs to possess a number of qualities to be effective in the workplace. A great leader needs to be a great, authentic communicator, recognize strengths, create the vision, take ownership, show empathy, and pick up on and give subtle communication with your team, and customers/clients. We help leaders:

  • Organizational succession planning
  • Enhance leadership strategy
  • Ignite innovation
  • Improve corporate culture
  • Improve corporate/client communication
  • Successfully launch and manage “change” initiatives
  • Increase productivity, sales & revenue
  • Better manage timelines/reduce costs
  • Increase management/employee satisfaction
Personal Coaching

Are you looking to create a better you? Our Life Coaching will help you with specific personal projects, such as creating and dealing with conditions/transitions in your personal life, your individual career successes/roadblocks/failures, and creating a path to a more fulfilling, energetic life. Our Certified Life Coach will help you determine your personality profile and determine your goals. You’ll discuss your personal goals with a professional, and complete a few simple questionnaires. With this information, we can create a strategy and develop a step-by-step course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. Our Personal Life Coaching will help you:

  • Understand your individual personality and motivations
  • Establishing your core values and determine what matters most to them
  • Improve confidence, self worth & self esteem in both your personal life and at your place of work.
  • Recognize blind spots and how they are affecting your life
  • Develop a strategy and plan to make life more fulfilling
  • Help create a sustainable work/life balance
Talent Development

Coaching can completely revitalize a work environment. Using our coaching techniques, measurable improvements are quickly observed within a company. These defined measurements are “mile markers” against which to measure future successes. It’s been proven that employees who achieve the goals they set and see improvement as a result of Coaching stay motivated to continue improving performance. Coaching is a valuable process for talent development that can drive real value in organizations.

  • Enhance employee acquisition
    • Help new employees become seasoned professionals in very short order
    • Onboard and integrate more successfully
    • Create a culture where candidates want to be hired
  • Enhance client acquisition/retention through better communication
  • Increase innovation, skillsets, providing upward mobility
  • Increase employee satisfaction/retention of quality employees
  • Identify, and coach problem employees
  • Instill confidence
Corporate Events

The Coaching Table also “brings life” to corporate events. We’re available to present and demonstrate our passion for helping people, teams, and companies increase their chance of success. If you’re an existing client, we facilitate the following:

  • Best practices events for companies
  • Half day retreats for staff planning
  • Leadership development events
  • Internal company moral surveys and audits
  • Learning lunches
  • Brainstorming sessions, masterminds, & roundtables
  • Corporate events
  • Leadership training seminars
  • Sales meeting topic discussions

If you’re not yet a client, but you’re thinking your company could benefit from our services, check out our Special Offer. We’d like to demonstrate how we can positively impact your business.

The Coaching Table Process
David Anderson

David W. Anderson Sr.

“The most common mistake in coaching today is not understanding the goal, or setting off on the wrong goal altogether.”

The Discovery Session

The first step is simply contacting us to begin a dialog. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services, process and pricing. We can make an appointment to talk by phone, or meet in person. We will discuss your individual situation, talk about creating and obtaining goals, our unique approach and how The Coaching Table can meet your individual needs. It really simply starts with a call, or email.

Assessments To Gain Insight

In most client interactions, we begin with you, and/or members of your team, taking three assessments. The assessments are online, relatively quick and easy to take, and the results are sent directly to you, the client, to review before forwarding to us. The total time to complete the assessments and forward them to me is only about an hour.

The assessments we regularly use are the DISC Behavioral Assessment, Strengths Finder Strengths Assessment, and Character Strengths Assessment.

Additional Assessments may be utilized depending on your individual goals.

Create Your Individual Strategic & Tactical Plan

Once the assessments are completed, we’ll confidentially review your results. After the review, we’ll work with you and begin to develop a comprehensive strategy and customized, step-by-step tactical plan to obtain your goals.

Track Progress

Throughout the process, we’ll track and communicate with you to discuss individual and/or team progress, through the use of the OSA Capture Sheet. Our OSA Capture Sheet communicates and tracks the development of our collaborative work in real time, as we mark progress towards your goals. We also will call or meet with you as often or as little as you like. As stated, our services are customized to you, the client. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs to help you obtain your goals.

Tools We Use

Our unique, certified coaching services are different for every client. Every client receives the personal attention of our Founder/Owner, David W. Anderson, Sr., an ICF Certified Life Design Coach. David personally meets with all clients, and manages all client/coach interactions. Most interactions happen over the phone, or virtually, but can occur in-person in the event you the client are geographically located in the metro Atlanta area. While a plethora of information is gained from these interactions, we also use several tools to obtain important information.

David W. Anderson Sr. is an ICF Certified Life Design Coach, trained at the American College of Coaching. As an ICF Certified Life Design Coach professional, he partners and collaborates with individuals, groups or businesses to evaluate, strategize and assist people who wish to enhance their lives, or their teams’ performance, by identifying, assessing, and taking appropriate steps to reach specific goals.


Assessments give us the ability to gain clarity and ask questions at the onset of an engagement, allowing for more understanding, and a deeper connection. The initial assessments are easy to take, and require only about an hour to complete. The assessment results are sent directly to you for your independent review. Once reviewed, you then submit them to The Coaching Table for our confidential review. The number of assessments we utilize is customized to you the client, and is dependent on the goals you, or your team wishes to obtain. For more information on the assessments we use, contact us today.

Coaching Models

We use two (2) primary coaching models to help you obtain your goals; the F.A.S.T. Model and the S.T.A.R.T. Model.

F.A.S.T. Model

The F.A.S.T. Model is utilized to create and measure goals.

  • It leads the client to defining an objective with several courses of action, while having a clear starting point and concrete action steps.
  • The client is focused on goals, selecting the best options, taking action, and the order a system to brings.
  • The results are reduced interference, quicker and more accurate decisions and a higher performance.
  • The goals set provide focus and they are the mandate for the coaching that will be completed.
S.T.A.R.T. Model

The S.T.A.R.T. Model is used to create and measure goals.

  • The S.T.A.R.T. Model helps to maintain the discipline of developing clear, timed, important and reachable objectives.
  • The goals created are relevant and the model guards against goals being too vague and ill-defined.

OSA Capture Sheets:

Communication / Progress / Results

We communicate with you throughout the entire engagement. We’ll talk by phone, virtually or meet in person if the need arises. Other than communicating one-on-one, an additional important communication tool is our OSA Capture Sheet – Coaching Tool. This tool increases the effectiveness of what takes place during the coaching process.

Our OSA Capture Sheet communicates and tracks the development of our work in real time, as we mark the step-by-step progress toward our goals. Key features of the Capture Sheet include:

  • Maintains the goals we set and strategies for accomplishing those goals
  • Documents every ‘to-do’ that needs completed, and the purpose each ‘to-do’ serves
  • Provides a framework for capturing important information during the entire coaching process
  • Allows a clear and tangible way to refer to important date at any time
  • Keeps strengths front and center
  • Enables the user to build activities around strengths rather than fall back on a conventional approach
  • Provides a simple way to communicate with key team members
  • Displays a quick reference to what needs to be done and how it relates to your goals

Our program often creates immediate results, and the work we do has benefits that last more than a minute, they last a lifetime.

We’ve found that often, communication plays a big role in success. Whether it’s personal success, team success, or business success, being able to create a good message, and deliver it clearly and concisely is the recipe for success.

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Better message & better presenting
  • Change management
  • Improved problem-solving strategies
  • Substantial increases in productivity
  • Increased accuracy, quicker decision making
  • Employee acquisition / new hires
  • Increased level of confidence in all actions
  • Stress reduction

We apply what we do in a variety of ways. If you have questions about a particular situation, call us and we can talk through your circumstances and how our coaching can help.